Goodwill Vs. Salvation Army. We’ve all been there; you’ve just had a garage sale or cleaned out your house. You’re standing in the middle of a gigantic pile of junk. 

You’re scratching your head, marveling at your mass collection you didn’t even know you had. You’re moving, so most of this can’t come with you. You don’t want to throw it away — that would be horribly wasteful. 

So then what do you do with it? You donate it, of course. The problem then becomes where? Goodwill and the Salvation Army are both close by, but which do you go to? 

Which one is the more reliable donation center for your unwanted belongings? The never-ending debate. Well, we’re here to help you solve that debate once and for all.


Which the more reliable donation center for your unwanted belongings?

Well, first you need to know the difference between the two. The Salvation Army is an international movement overseen by the Church. Their intent is to meet human needs globally by collecting and providing goods given to them. 

They travel all over and help survivors of various disasters, addiction victims and victims of domestic abuse. By donating to them, you’re actually contributing directly to these useful services. 

The Salvation Army boasts of spending roughly 82% of its earnings on aid and sustainable development goals. Now lets’ look at Goodwill. They’re a nonpartisan nonprofit with a similar goal to the Salvation Army. 

They seek to better the lives of those afflicted in one form or another by providing them with goods and dignity. They’re also renowned for their employment standards, with more than 288,000 people hired in 2017 alone. 

So, for someone to ponder over which is better — Goodwill vs. Salvation Army?

both entities are very similar in their goals and function, their only differences being their origins. Both are also extremely popular donation destinations for junk and old clothes the world over. Both also serve an important purpose in lessening the volume of landfills with useful articles.

Everywhere you go, you’ll find people who sing the praises of one or the other. Both organizations collect and sell a wide variety of articles. It often doesn’t matter what it is; if it’s still got years left on it, they’ll take it. 

We’ve seen everything from clothes in every size to furniture and toys. And since the stock in both places relies strictly on public donation, the supply is never the same thing twice. Chances are that if you’re hurting for money and in need of something, you’ll find it at one or the other.


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What Does Goodwill Do?

Goodwill has been recognized as one of America’s most valuable nonprofits. Forbes even named it as one of America’s top 20 most inspiring companies three years in a row. 

There’s virtually nothing substantially bad to be said about their practice. They even do a lot of environmental work by encouraging less wasteful use in the community. They work with Dell through “Dell Reconnect” which focuses on salvaging electronics from landfills. Since 2004, roughly 500 million pounds of electronics have been rescued from dumps


What Does the Salvation Army Do?

The Salvation Army, on the other end, is evangelical in nature and focuses on humanitarian benefits. This organization does a lot of work for the community through disaster aid and charity. 

They do a lot to benefit overseas assistance for people who have suffered through natural phenomena. Aid is offered in the form of support, assistance and goods and clothes. 

However, while they do a lot of good, the Salvation Army has come under light fire for supposedly supporting anti-LGBTQ movements. And since they’re connected to religious affiliation, they are under no obligation to report any financial data. Make of that what you will. Goodwill vs. Salvation Army on the racetrack for the good of humanity — secrets optional.

Goods and Services that Both Entities Pursue

Both companies offer an extensive array of goods and services that anyone is welcome to peruse. And even though it is believed that both entities are set up mainly for the poor, you don’t have to be dirt poor to shop at either one. 

Their supply of goods will never run dry so long as closets are full of forgotten items no one wants. And for every item you donate to either organization, you receive a receipt for tax season, which is always a plus.

What They Do With Your Donated Items

Everything you donate is held onto until it’s sold. Nothing gets thrown away unless it’s too damaged to pass along. This saves metric tons worth of materials and clothes from landfills every year. 

Neither store is picky, either. You can bring them just about any unwanted belonging and they’ll find space for it. They become especially busy and needy around the holidays, so be generous. You never know just who you might be helping with your donations.


Goodwill vs. Salvation Army — which one comes out on top? Ultimately, the fact of the matter is that neither organization overcomes the other. Both exist in a very necessary niche geared to help those less fortunate. In this day and age where nearly everyone is struggling, they're needed now more than ever.

It doesn't matter how much money you have; sooner or later, you'll need something you can't afford. The chances are very good that you'll find it at one of these two organizations. Even better, you'll find it for a better price than you ever would in the stores.
At the end of the day, it all hinges on your personal preference. Do you favor the international non-profit, or are you leaning more toward the religious group? There's no such thing as a company without skeletons rattling around in some proverbial closet.

It's not fair to demand such a thing of Goodwill or Salvation Army. Use your own judgment and research both thoroughly if you're so inclined. The only decision that truly matters is your own.