How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

For many people, a weighted blanket is a necessity during nights when anxiety runs high and sleep feels far away. Sleeping under a weighted blanket creates a comfortable pressure on top of the body that therapeutically alleviates stress and soothes the mind and body alike. Most of these blankets range between twelve and thirty-five pounds,

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What Are Mattress Pads And How To Clean And Dry Them?

Just like we clean other beddings, mattress pads also need cleaning. Between the 40,000 dead skin cells that we shed yearly and the 10 million dust mites that feed on them. The bed is simply one of the grossest environments when left alone. Cleaning a mattress pad is a chore that most would rather avoid,

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What’s The Best Thread Count for Sheets

What's the best thread count for sheets? If you've ever been sheet shopping, then chances are that you're well aware of the term “thread count”. Anyone who has ever dealt with the frustration of misunderstanding what sort of sheet they're looking for, what size to get and ultimately buying the wrong one, etc., knows this. To be

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