You just got a new wedge pillow? Awesome! Now you need to learn how to use a wedge pillow.

 It’s not hard, but it’s not as simple as a normal pillow. It’s a wedge shape, almost as if you cut a slice out of a cake. It can be set any number of ways on your bed and used in even more. 

There are actually a lot of different ways they can be used and each one has a different added benefit for you depending on how you decide to make use of it.

 They’re unusual pillows, but they have a lot of good potentials. This is why we’re going to cover five of their techniques and respective benefits for you today.

1- Upright Recline

This one is great for people who like to lounge in bed with a book or a handheld game. 

Rather than resting completely upright against the rough headboard or the wall, instead, you sit up at a slight angle, leaning back far more comfortably in a very ergonomic and gentle position. 


This keeps most of the pressure off your spine, leaving you free of painful muscle kinks. It also makes it handy if you’re one of those people who fancy relaxing in bed after a hard day or just sitting and winding down before going to sleep for the night.



One of the best benefits regarding this position is the mere fact that your spine is far better aligned than it would be while slouched or straight against a wall.

 The cushion hugs your back, keeping you at a consistent angle that keeps your back loose

2- Gentle Slope-Back Sleepers

There really isn’t a wrong way in how to use a wedge pillow. Everyone has their preferences. With this one, back sleepers will have found the Nirvana of pillows. 


Simply angle the slope of the pillow beneath your neck so you’re lying on an overturned slice of cheese. 

It’s a well-known fact that a little extra height while you sleep is not only insanely comfortable, but it also has several added benefits. 


While back sleeping is already highly recommended as the best form of sleep position, a wedge pillow can make this already common and beneficial method even better. 

Even if you aren’t a back sleeper, you might find yourself favoring it more frequently with how comfortable it can be.



Inclined sleep position can help those in bed with respiratory problems to breathe far more easily by loosening up the pressure on the airway. 

Similarly, sufferers of sleep apnea reported their symptoms easing greatly with this position, enabling them to breathe much more efficiently at night.

3-Gentle Slope-Side Sleepers

Much like the back sleepers, side sleepers also benefit greatly from an incline. The pillow is placed in the same position at the head of your bed and you simply turn to the side while sleeping.

 Even better, since it’s a slope, you can scoot up or down to find the perfect angle for your head without adjusting the pillow itself. 


The majority of sleepers tend to favor their sides at night, and if you find yourself waking up more than comfortably frequently with a sore neck or upper back, it might be time to consider looking into one of these pillows.

 Chances are you’re sleeping at odd angles and your neck is paying the price come morning. It can only help you in the long run.



Those looking for tips on how to use a wedge pillow might find themselves pleasantly surprised to learn that side sleeping with an incline can actually reduce neck pain by forcing your neck into a more neutral position, as well as relieve symptoms of acid reflux during the night. 


Like it’s partner position, it’s also been shown to greatly aid in easing sleep apnea, making it a highly worthy purchase.

4- The Pressure Reliever

When you’re learning to use a wedge pillow, you might not think of putting it anywhere except beneath your head like say, under your knees for example.

No seriously, this is actually a good one. Placing the tall side of the sideways wedge beneath your knees is extremely comfortable and surprisingly good for you. 

So after a hard day running around at work, you come home and your feet are tired and achy, put them up halfway on the wedge pillow and turn on a soothing movie.

Once you’re done relaxing in this manner for a little while, you might find yourself amazed at just how much better you feel than you did before.



It helps improve circulation, which in turn eases sore and swollen feet. It’s been shown to assist in the reduction and preventing of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.

5-The Pro Placement

While it’s not recommended, some people like to work in bed. If you’re one of them, and you’re learning how to use a wedge pillow you just got for your birthday, then this will be the perfect gift, because the wedge pillow also doubles as a comfy, fluffy work desk in bed. 

Simply place it on its side on your lap and then put whatever work you’re doing on the other side like a table. 

So you can be comfortable and productive all at the same time. Or just binge watch Netflix in bed. Whichever happens first.



This position is perfect for keeping your device at the optimal height for efficient and comfortable working. Your wrists can relax and your head can remain angled just perfectly, preventing a stiff neck from forming.


Wedge pillows are getting more and more popular and it's really time that people see them for what they are; a truly unique, innovative item that can do nothing but help your quality of sleep at night.
Whether it's to relieve annoying health symptoms for various breathing issues or to improve your quality of sleep and eliminating muscle cramps, this pillow could easily be exactly what you've dreamed of.