Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid Latex Mattress

Quick Summary

Very few mattresses get the idea of affordable luxury right. The Honey Hybrid is a 13-inch latex hybrid mattress with a unique dual coil system design. It is made with only organic materials like GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic wool and GOLS certified organic latex. It is also priced less than your average latex mattress or even hybrid mattress. 

We ordered ours in the king size to get the feel, comfort, and support of the mattress along with its couple friendliness. That and we also wanted to have the buying experience of the Honey Hybrid and see for ourselves how good their customer service and delivery was.

We researched and tested this mattress for days and now we know what makes it one of the best mattresses out there. Still, is it really good for all your needs? Read on to find out. 


Pros and Cons of Natures Novel mattress

- Pros:

- Cons:

Who Is The Honey Hybrid Mattress For?

- You’ll Love Honey Hybrid Mattress If:

  • You enjoy good medium feel support with a responsive feel.
  • You need something with pressure relief because you sleep on your side. 
  • You’re used to the hybrid feel. This mattress is one of the best hybrids feels out there.
  • You are health-conscious and want something that is made of more natural and organic materials.
  • Like to have a mattress with good edge support.
  • You are an active couple and need something good for all couples’ activities.
  • You want to buy a durable bed from a sustainable company. 

- You Might Not Like Honey Hybrid Mattress If:

  • You want a lower profile mattress like 8” or 10”.
  • You want a mattress with a memory foam feel that responds slowly to movement. This mattress is both bouncy and responsive.
  • You are looking for a very cheap budget mattress. 

Layers and Specifications of Honey Hybrid Mattress

The Honey Hybrid mattress has 6 layers. Each is designed to do something necessary for its overall comfort:

  • GOTS Organic Quilted Cotton Cover 

First, you have the one inch quilted organic cotton cover. This cover is very luxurious in its look and feel. It is very thick but still very soft and comfortable.

  • GOTS Organic wool as fire barrier 

The quilt of the cover also sews through a think layer of 0.5 inch of organic wool that is placed under the cotton. This layer acts as the natural fire barrier for the whole mattress. The use of wool is much better than chemical fire barriers.

  • GOLS Organic Dunlop latex

Dunlop latex is great at reducing pressure on the shoulders and giving the mattress a nice cushion and contour to maximize comfort.

  • Honey Micro Coils

Under the Dunlop latex comes a 4 inch layer of patented Micro coils. These work to provide a more sleeper specific comfort. They react differently to different body shapes, weights and even sleep position. We noticed that this technology is what made this mattress stand out.  

  • Individually Wrapped Coils

1600 individually wrapped and pocketed coils for a more individual support. It is that firmness that gives enough support to those on the heavier side. 

  • GOTS Organic Cotton/Wool Blend

A final layer that acts as a base for the mattress not to shift and keeps everything in place. Also, it makes sure coils are not touching the bed or foundation. This layer also increases the overall longevity of the mattress by keeping it in shape and acting as the foundation for all above layers.



Comfort and Support of the Honey Hybrid Mattress

(Under 140 lbs):

Now that we know how the mattress is constructed, we move on to how well its design does with the different sleeping positions and weight groups. We generally noticed that this mattress works for pretty much all sleepers because of its targeted support technology.

  • Lightweight side sleepers

If you’re used to softer beds then the Honey might feel a tad firm for you. According to our testing, the Honey Hybrid does fairly well for lightweight side sleepers because of its thick plush layer of cotton and latex on top and the micro coils that work together to distribute pressure points. 

  • Lightweight back sleepers. 

Lightweight back sleepers will enjoy this mattress for sure as it’s bult to reduce the pressure on both lower and upper back significantly more than other hybrids.  

  • Lightweight stomach sleepers. 

Same as above. If you sleep on your stomach and are under 140 lbs., then you should have no issues with this bed. 


(140 – 240 lbs):

  • Average weight side sleepers 

Fortunately the Honey Hybrid mattress offers great pressure relief and so being a medium weight side sleeper will make you feel right at home with this bed. Side sleepers also needs cooling, and this bed is great at that from all the organic materials that it uses. 

  • Average weight back sleepers 

Same as above. This group of sleepers in general don’t find it difficult to get a good hybrid mattress. Hybrids generally work for them as sleeping on your back feels great on mattress with pocketed coils. The Honey Hybrid would feel even better because it uses a dual-coils system and organic materials. 

  • Average weight stomach sleepers. 

Similar to the average weight back sleepers, this group should feel right at home with this mattress. The main challenge for most stomach sleepers is cooling and this bed is design with so much air circulation that it received our highest cooling rating yet. 


(240 lbs or more):

  • Heavyweight side sleepers:

Heavy weight side sleepers require good pressure relief and contouring for their shoulders to sink in and be comfortable. Our test showed that the Honey Hybrid is more than supportive for heavier people but if you find yourself needing more cushion, you might want to add a latex topper or a plush mattress pad. 

  • Heavyweight back sleepers 

No issues here whatsoever. Heavyweight back sleepers will be very happy with this mattress as it has more than enough support to handle their position and weight. This bed is LGA certified, meaning it was tested and certified to be enough for a 330 lbs. person in the span of 10 years of use. So again, no issues here. 

  • Heavyweight stomach sleepers. 

Same as above, the Honey Hybrid would work better than most mattress here because it is certified to be enough for heavier people. Most mattress are comfortable at first but if they go down after a couple of years then you’ll have a bad bed that you can’t return. But that won’t be an issue here because no poly foams were used, just good quality latex and tempered steel coils.


Honey Hybrid Mattress Firmness Rating

The Honey Hybrid has a firmness rating of 4-7. It is a truly luxury feeling mattress and one of the very few offered online with such a wide range of firmness in one bed. The reason why it has a different support for different body shapes, weight, and sleep positions is because it uses a unique micro coil targeted support system. It basically gives more support when it feels more weight on a specific area but uses tiny coils to distribute the pressure yet offer good support.

Honey Hybrid Mattress Durability

The Honey Hybrid is built very well with organic Dunlop for comfort while the cover is made of organic wool and organic cotton. Simply put, the way this mattress is structured leaves very little room for sagging and body indentation. 

Because of this durable and effective design, the Sweet Zzz company gives a lifetime warranty on their mattresses. This not only shows confidence in their commitment to quality but also acts as the peace of mind you need with a purchase this large.

Honey Hybrid Mattress Affordability and Value

Considering the quality of this mattress, its unique dual-coil system design, and all the organic and sustainable certifications it has, the price tag is actually very generous.  the Honey Hybrid offers a great value for the money. Latex mattresses are generally more expensive but latex hybrid mattress are always very expensive. However, that is not the case of the Honey Hybrid. 

Honey Hybrid Mattress Edge Support

Because Sweet Zzz does not want to use edge support poly foam, the Honey Hybrid uses firmer coils on the edge of the bed to provide better sitting and prevent the feel of rolling off. 

This means that when you do sit on the edge the mattress will not sink too much and will provide a nice sitting area. It also allows you to use the entire surface of the bed as you won’t feel like you’re about to role off the bed when you sleep on the edge. 

Honey Hybrid Mattress Cooling

This is one of the areas where this mattress absolutely thrives. First, all the materials used are organic certified. Naturel materials tend to sleep much cooler than poly foams when it comes to mattresses. Second, the bed is designed to allow a lot of air movement through it’s dual-coils layers. This means more air circulation and more breathability. If you’re a hot sleeper, then you should certainly consider this bed as we couldn’t feel a hint of overheating on this bed during test. 

Honey Hybrid Mattress For Couples Rating

When it comes to couples all latex and hybrid mattresses are great and the Honey Hybrid is the best of both worlds making it a great mattress for couples. 

  •  Motions Transfer 

Individually wrapped coils and latex means very little motion can be transferred between couples. Another thing to point out is that this mattress has a high profile and a heavyweight that keeps the mattress in place, reducing any motion altogether.

  • Noise

Thought there might some noise coming from the coils, overall noise is not a big issue with the Honey Hybrid. This is mainly because the coils are all wrapped together and so they don’t have any contact. 

  •  Amorous Activities

For active couples a mattress needs to be bouncy, comfortable, and durable to handle the wear and tear of the activity. The Honey Hybrid has all of these requirements down, so it ranks very high for Amorous Activities. 


Honey Hybrid Mattress Warranty

Honey Hybrid mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. 

The best part of the warranty is that it stays non-prorated for the duration of the warranty meaning that the mattress will not lose value over years and you’ll get your replacement free of charge. 

Like with any warranty, the devil is in the details and the details in this warranty state that the warranty can only be honored for the person who purchased the mattress. This is normal as all warranties ask the same. 

Also, to make sure that your warranty is not voided, the mattress has to be clean. Mattress companies do this because if they see any stain on the cover it indicates that the sagging was the result of customer abuse and not common wear and tear.    

Overall, the Honey Hybrid has one of the most generous warranties in the Bed in a box industry.

Honey Hybrid Mattress Return Policy and Sleep Trial

The Honey Hybrid offers a 100 nigh sleep trial during which you can return the mattress free of charge. After we finished testing the Honey Hybrid mattress and were sure there was nothing else to test, we wanted to return the mattress to get a feel of how things work with them and how quickly. 

The company didn’t disappoint as they replied within a day and took care of the return pretty smoothly.

Honey Hybrid Mattress FAQ’s

Yes, in a matter of fact we tested in on the floor, bed frame, and a king split adjustable bed and the mattress worked perfectly well on all. Because of the flexible nature of latex, the Honey Hybrid performed very well with an adjustable bed.

Yes, this mattress comes in a single box and when opened it will inflate to full size in about an 10 minutes.

No, it is designed like a single-sided mattress and so it can only be used on one side. The idea is to have a cushioning top and supportive base and so this mattress is single sided.

Yes, all the cushioning materials used are organic certified. The coils are tempered American steel. And the mattress itself is OEKO-TEX Class 1 certified. When we first we noticed no odors whatsoever. If this product is certified to be safe for babies, then it should be safe for you.

The Honey Hybrid is handmade in the USA which is why it takes about 10 days to deliver.

Currently, the Honey Hybrid is only available online. Remember that their 100 night sleep trial is completely free on you. 

Yes, they have some payment options that offer up to 0% APR.

Currently, Sweet Zzz is not offering white glove delivery service. They have a no contact delivery to your door.

Final Verdict

Honey Hybrid is a great luxury hybrid mattress with a price tag that satisfies all shoppers. It utilizes a dual-coil system for targeted comfort and support and organic cotton, wool, and latex for cushioning. It also using organic wool to pass fire laws and for a greener approach.

If you are looking for an organic hybrid mattress that accommodates even side sleeping at an affordable price, then this bed should be on your radar. 

Here you have it, everything you need to know about this luxury organic mattress. If you need assistance deciding or have any questions, we’re here for you as always. 

Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid Latex Mattress