Layers Comparison

Honey Hybrid Layers Score  (96)

  • Organic certified cotton for cooling and good skin contact  
  • Organic certified wool as a natural fire barrier. Skipping the chemicals barriers for better sleep
  • Organic certified Dunlop latex for comfort and pressure relief
  • Honey Micro Coils for comfort on the individual level and personal uniqueness. 
  • Wrapped coils system under the micro coils for a firm support and enhanced amorous activities. 
  • Another organic cotton and wool layer for added stability.   

Avocado Mattress Layers Score (88)

  • Organic certified cotton and wool quilted cover for cooling and comfort 
  • Dunlop latex for comfort layer and overall softness 
  • Wrapped coils for support and a more couple friendliness bed.

Breathability Comparison

Honey Hybrid Breathability Score (98)

  • Dual-coils system makes for a very airy mattress with no chance for heat-trapping 
  • Organic materials are always cooler than poly materials which is what the Honey uses exclusively.
  • No chemicals or fire barriers whatsoever. No fear of chemicals causing heat-trapping and skin irritations. 

Avocado Mattress Breathability Score (96)

  • A single coil system allows for a little less air movement. 
  • Also only organic materials that are cooler than petroleum-based memory foam. 
  • Also no chemicals or toxic stuff whatsoever. Main benefits of green mattresses like Avocado and the Honey

Price & Affordability Comparison

Honey Hybrid Affordability Score (98)

  • $1599 for the queen at 13-inches. 
  • Organic materials last longer and keep you healthier. 
  • Dual coil system allows partners to enjoy the same bed with no added toppers. 
  • Lifetime warranty and 100-days to return the bed with no fees. 
  • Passed the LGA test for extreme durability. Similar to a 330 pounds person using the bed for 10 years. 

Avocado Mattress Affordability Score (84)

  • $1999 for the queen at 11-inches. 
  • Organic and natural materials last longer and allow you better sleep.
  • Only single coil system with a lower profile but a higher price than the Honey Hybrid.  

Durability Comparison

Honey Hybrid Durability Score (100)

  • Very little can go wrong with this mattress since it only uses high-quality materials.
  • Made in the US with organic materials and a great structural design. 
  • High-density latex rubber and high coil gauge systems that will last for a long time 
  • Stronger edge coils or better sitting and longer lifespan.  

Avocado Mattress Durability Score (96)

  • Same here, with very little that can go wrong. All high-end materials. 
  • High-density latex with high-quality fabrics. 
  • Made in the US with organic materials and a compact design.  

Feel & Firmness Comparison

Honey Hybrid 

  • 5 from 10 on the firmness scale. 
  • Nice soft yet firm design that works for most people. 
  • Micro coils offer more firmness flexibility than most mattresses.
  • This mattress can be used for almost all sleepers except for those that like how memory foam feels. 

Avocado Mattress 

  • 7 from 10 on the firmness scale for the normal bed 
  • 5 from 10 on the firmness scale for the pillowtop model. 
  • Normal model is more suited for those who like firmer beds. 
  • Pillowtop model is more suited for those that prefer softer beds.
  • Not for those that prefer memory foam beds.