Spindle Latex Mattress

Quick Summary

Spindle is another environmentally friendly mattress that tries to stand out by offering a customizable firmness option. The spindle is a latex mattress made with three separate 3 inch Dunlop latex layers with different ILD firmness ratings. 

The Spindle mattress comes in a few separate boxes with the layers and cover and needs to be assembled by the customer. It took us roughly 10 minutes to put the layers together and make the 10” mattress

We tested this natural mattress thoroughly and for a good couple of weeks because of its multiple firmness options and here is what we think

Pros and Cons of Spindle Pros

- Pros:

- Cons:

Who Is The Spindle Mattress For?

- You’ll Love Spindle Mattress If:

– You are not sure what firmness you like and want something with adjustable firmness.

– You are looking for an all-natural latex mattress from a reputable company. 

– You want a bouncy feeling quick to respond mattress rather than a memory foam feel.

– You want to get a bed for the long run to stay with you at least 10 to 12 years

- You Might Not Like Spindle Mattress If:

– You like the memory foam feel as this is the opposite of that.

– You are looking for a budget mattress.

– you are looking for strong edge support.

Layers and Specifications of Spindle Mattress

No matter what firmness you choose when buying your Spindle mattress, it always comes with the same cover along with the three Dunlop latex layers at 3” each.

Remember that Spindle makes two different firmness layers. The firm at 29 ILD and the medium at 17 ILD. Depending on what you order you’ll get more pieces of one over the other. Please see below:

With the Soft choice, you’ll get 3 layers of medium. 

With the Medium choice, you’ll get 2 layers of medium and 1 firm.

With the Firm choice, you’ll get 1 layer of medium and 2 firm ones.

With the Extra Firm choice, you’ll get 3 layers of the firm. 

  • Natural Cover

The Spindle mattress comes with a natural cotton and wool cover and fire barrier like most of the natural mattresses. As far as cover are concerned the Spindle couldn’t do any better since cotton is one of the most durable and breathable fabrics out there and wool is the best fire barrier period. 

The cover is not quilted into the latex so you can replace and rearrange the layers

  • Comfort Layer

This is the layer that needs to have the pressure reducing the ability and the cushioning necessary for a comfortable sleep so it is usually the softer layer of 3” Dunlop latex. In this case, the softest layer is the medium firmness one with a 17-20 ILD rating.

  • Transitional Layer

The second layer and the one that transitions the feel from soft and comfort to firm support. We do recommend you have the medium firmness layer if you like a softer mattress and a firm layer if you like a firmer mattress.

  • Support Layer

The last layer should act as the firm foundation for the two other Dunlop latex layers. Depending on your personal preference, we recommend placing the firm Dunlop latex layer at the end for the best results.

Comfort and Support for Light Weight Sleepers

(Under 140 lbs):

Lets now look at the best arrangement and firmness choice for the lightweight people. Remember that Spindle layers come in medium and firm. We recommend the lighter people to get the medium to have two layers of medium and one firm. 

  • Lightweight side sleepers

 are better off with the two medium layers on top for more cushion and then the firm layer last for support and over sinking prevention.

  • Lightweight back sleepers. 

can try putting the medium layer first then the firm layer then the second medium layer last. This way the mattress will have a nice sink in but not too much where you hurt you’re back.

  • Lightweight stomach sleepers. 

Same as above with the firm layer in the middle and if that still felt too soft you can place the firm layer at first. Remember you have a lot of combination choices here. 

(140 – 240 lbs):

Moving on to the best firmness and arrangements for the average weight sleeper.

As far as the firmness, we recommend getting the Firm so you have one medium layer and two firm layers of Dunlop latex.

  • Average weight side sleepers 

should try placing the medium layer on top to get that much needed pressure reduction and sink in that shoulders need. Then the two firm layers for the extra support.

  • Average weight back sleepers 

can go with the medium layer in the middle sandwiched by the two firm layers. This gives the mattress just enough sink in and support.

  • Average weight stomach sleepers. 

are better off with the medium layer in the bottom of the mattress and if that was too firm then they could always place it in the middle. 

(240 lbs or more):

The Spindle mattress may not be ideal for heavier people but for the best results we recommend the Firm or the extra Firm choices.

  • Heavyweight side sleepers:

can go with the Firm choice with the medium layer on top or in the middle for the best results and ensure enough comfort and support.


  • Heavyweight back sleepers 

on the other hand, will be more suited with the extra firm choice. If the mattress was overly firm, remember that you do have one exchange of one of the layers within the first year. 

  • Heavyweight stomach sleepers. 

Most likely only the Extra Firm would work here but again if it didn’t then you can ask for your right to have one of the three firm layers replaced by a medium one.

Spindle Mattress Firmness Rating

As you know by now that the Spindle mattress has many choices and combinations of firmness levels, so it is difficult to give it a single firmness rating.

However, it is safe to say that the Spindle mattress has a firmness range of 5 to 7.5 out of 10 with 10 being the firmest in the scale.

Spindle Mattress Durability

Dunlop may not be as durable and long-lasting as Talalay latex but it is the second best in the whole sleep industry. 

People that have been sleeping on Dunlop latex report a great and lengthy use out of their mattresses before replacing. Some of them even report as long as 20 years. It is not hard to believe that latex can last this long because of the way it is structured with its cells having no room to sag. 

Spindle mattress is no different and you can expect it to last you a long time with good care. Remember that even latex can be worn out and sag fast if you do not use a mattress protector to protect it from dead skin and bodily liquids. 

In addition to the Dunlop latex Spindle has the natural cotton and wool cover which can also last a long time making the Spindle mattress a good package of longevity.

Spindle Mattress Affordability and Value

Spindle is a little on the pricy side but remember that latex never comes cheap and especially when it’s made good and natural like in Spindle. 

Considering that Spindle is an all-natural mattress with natural cotton and wool cover, 9” of Dunlop latex, 365-day sleep trial, 10-year warranty and free shipping, we believe that it is worth the price.

Spindle Mattress Edge Support

Just as bad or good as any bed in a box mattress out there. There are two reasons why Spindle has a rather weak edge support. First, it comes in a box and does not allow for edge support foam encasement to be used. Second, the mattress is all-natural, and they simply cannot use a natural foam encasement. Sleeping on the edge of the mattress will mot pose any issues but sitting on the edge might. Still, this is the case of all latex mattresses.

Spindle Mattress Cooling

The best thing about Dunlop latex and latex, in general, is that it does not need a specific technology like open-cell or gel to increasing its cooling factor. Instead, latex is cool in its very nature through its naturally open-cell pores. 

We tested the Spindle mattress for heat retention and were very satisfied by the results. We’re happy to report that Spindle maintains a cool sleeping experience.

Spindle Mattress For Couples Rating

Spindle mattress is a great choice for couples as it serves the couple’s needs and wants. Read below for details

  •  Motions Transfer 

Spindle is an all foam mattress that is also heavy making it difficult for the motion to be transferred between partners. 

  • Noise

both the Dunlop latex layers and the natural cotton/wool cover are completely noiseless.

  •  Sex

sex requires durability, quick responsiveness feel, and bounciness, all of which Spindle mattress offers.

Spindle Mattress Warranty

Spindle mattress has a limited 10-year warranty that is non-prorated. The warranty says that if the Dunlop latex layers and not the cover, had a 3/4” sagging then the mattress part will be replaced at no extra charge.

Spindle also offers a 25-year comfort guarantee which basically means that during the 25-years you can ask Spindle to ship you another 3” Dunlop latex layer as a replacement for a 30% discounted price. The price of the 3” Dunlop latex layer is currently $360 but you will be paying $252 instead. 

The Spindle mattress warranty is pretty standard plus some nice add-ons like the comfort guarantee.


Spindle Mattress Return Policy and Sleep Trial

Spindle is actually very generous with their 365-day sleep trial, more so than other mattress companies. First Spindle will try to work with you on the comfort and see if they can simply fix the comfort issue by swapping one of the Dunlop latex layers. 

If after trying the new comfort you still didn’t find the mattress comfortable you can ask for a full refund so long as it has been more than 60 days onto the trial.


Spindle Mattress FAQ’s

Yes, the Spindle mattress works perfectly well with any adjustable bed base. Latex is very flexible making it better than memory foam and hybrid mattresses with adjustable bases.

Nothing too important as far as off gassing here since the product is natural even the first few days smell will dissipate without causing any harm. 

It is rather simple but it is recommended for two people. You can see the step by step here


No, the Spindle company does not have any showrooms currently. Just remember you still have a full year to try the mattress and decide wither or not you’re going to keep it.

Currently, Spindle does not offer financing. However, they do recommend using PayPal to pay over six months. 

Final Verdict

spindle mattress

Spindle is a green all-natural Dunlop latex mattress with adjustable firmness that can be a great choice for couples that don’t know what firmness they might end up with.

This was everything you needed to know about Spindle. If there is more information that you need on the Spindle mattress then simply let us know and we’ll do our best to reply as soon as possible.

Spindle Latex Mattress