Katy Memory Foam Mattress

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With so many mattresses to consider today and so much advertising, it is hard to find that rare jewel that works for you perfectly. Especially since a lot of the good advertisers are good marketers rather than sleep experts. 

Katy mattress, on the other hand, is one such hidden jewel that is more about quality and value than marketing.  

The mattress has 3 inches of high density open cell memory foam and a 50 ILD supportive base foam along with a natural Aloe Vera cover for a very attractive price point.

Pros and Cons of Katy

- Pros:

- Cons:

Who Is The Katy Mattress For?

-You’ll Love Katy Mattress If:

– You want something with great quality at a very affordable price.

– You are looking for a mattress with good pressure relief to reduce shoulder and hip pain.

– You sleep warm and need a memory foam mattress that offers great cooling.

– You like how memory foam feels and like the mattress to contour to the shape of your body.

– You want a durable mattress that can last a long time and has a lifetime warranty.

- You Might Not Like Katy Mattress If:

– You want a mattress with a more responsive and bouncier feel.

– You are over 240 lbs. and need something that is over 10 inches high

– If you want very strong edge support.

Layers and Specifications of Katy Mattress

Katy has a rather simple design. A cover, a comfort layer, and a support layer.

  • Natural Aloe Vera cover

The Katy mattress’s cover is quilted into the foam and uses high quality natural Aloe Vera and cotton with a natural fire barrier. It is very rare for a memory foam mattress to use a natural cover and fire barrier and this is exactly why this mattress has very limited odors when first opened. 

  • O-cell memory foam

For the main comfort of the mattress, Katy depends on the 3 inch O-cell memory foam that is both dense and quality for better longevity and comfort. 

  • HD base foam

Finally under the cover and the comfort layer, is the 7 inches 50 ILD base layer. This one keeps the mattress in shape and makes it so it can hold weight for many years to come.

Comfort and Support for Light Weight Sleepers

(Under 140 lbs):

After the pros and cons and the construction of the mattress now we will go over how it does with the different sleepers.

  • Lightweight side sleepers

The Katy mattress is great for lightweight side sleepers as they have 33 inches of contouring memory foam that will take the pressure away from the shoulders and spread it evenly. 

  • Lightweight back sleepers. 

will also enjoy the Katy mattress as there us enough cushion for them to feel comfortable and enough support to feel well supported. 

  • Lightweight stomach sleepers. 

Same as the group above. What we noticed when sleeping on the stomach is that the mattress sinks in just enough to feel comfortable. 

Katy has a well balanced comfort and support to not feel overly firm for lightweight people in general but still give them very good comfort and support.

(140 – 240 lbs):

  • Average weight side sleepers 

Excellent, if lighter side sleepers feel the mattress a little firm for them, the average weight side sleepers will feel right at home with the Katy mattress.

  • Average weight back sleepers 

will also have a great time with the Katy mattress. A 4 lb density memory foam best works for average weight people as it won’t feel too firm or too soft. 

  • Average weight stomach sleepers. 

Very similar to their back sleepers’ counterpart; the stomach sleepers will feel well supported and comforted on the Katy as our testing showed us.

Average weight sleepers, in general, will most likely keep the Katy mattress as it was designed mostly for them. 

(240 lbs or more):

  • Heavyweight side sleepers:

From what we could see is that heavier people need taller mattresses. The Katy at 10 inches with 3 inches of cushioning might feel like it lacks support and comfort here. Though this might not be the case with all heavyweight side sleepers, it will be for those used to softer mattresses. 

  • Heavyweight back sleepers 

will most likely find the bed comfortable as they do not need as much cushioning as side sleepers. This is especially true for those closer to the 240 lbs. instead of say 300 lbs.

  • Heavyweight stomach sleepers. 

As always, stomach sleepers and back sleepers have similar sleeping needs so stomach sleepers that are on the heavier side might find the Katy mattress comfortable if they are closer to the 240 lbs. weight point.

Katy Mattress Firmness Rating

Katy mattress comes in one universal firmness rating which is 7 out of 10. This is known as medium-firm and is the most popular firmness in the bedding industry



Katy Mattress Durability

Katy mattress doesn’t have the lifetime warranty only as marketing but the mattress itself is built well and can last a long time. With a natural cover and 4 lbs. density memory and 50 ILD base foam you have very little to worry about. 

Though we didn’t test the mattress long enough to guarantee it will last long we can still vouch for the quality of the materials its made with. 

Katy Mattress Affordability and Value

Katy mattress’s exceptional value is the prime reason why people get it and it is why it caught our attention as well. We wanted to see if the quality of the mattress matches the great price point and it did. 

You will get every penny’s worth with this bed.

Katy Mattress Edge Support

Lower quality than your average mattress but this is now normal for bed in a box mattresses. Foam encasements of old cannot be used in bed in a box mattresses as it won’t compress like normal foam. Though edge support is important for some, it does not affect the quality of sleep the mattress offers.

Katy Mattress Cooling

One of Katy mattress’s strengths is its ability to keep the sleep cool during the entirety of the night. This is not common among memory foam mattresses, but Katy uses a natural Aloe Vera cover then an open cell memory foam and even the base foam is made with open cell technology. This reduces heat trapping significantly and improves the overall sleep experience.

Katy Mattress For Couples Rating

  •  Motions Transfer 

With a whole three inches of memory foam on top, the Katy mattress does not produce any motion at all. Better yet, it traps it. Memory foam is known to eliminate movement, after all, it was made by NASA to absorb the shock of the rocket launch.  

  • Noise

With none of the materials in this mattress being anything but foam and fabric the Katy mattress produces no noise whatsoever. Remember that your frame and foundation can still cause noise. What we did is test the mattress for motion transfer and noise on the ground and sure enough, the mattress produces neither.

  •  Sex

is rather average for this mattress as it doesn’t have much of a bounce but also does not feel like classic memory foam so it’s just fine.

Katy Mattress Warranty

The Katy company offer a lifetime warranty on all their mattresses. What their warranty covers is a 1.5 inch of body indentation. The warranty does not apply to the cover of the mattress or any imperfections in it but that is normal. 

Like always, the warranty only covers the one who originally bought the bed

We suggest that you get a mattress protector to go with your mattress. This is true in case you get any mattress as it will make sure to keep your warranty from becoming void.

Katy Mattress Return Policy and Sleep Trial

Pretty standard 100 money back guarantee. Their sleep trial does require you to try the mattress for at least 30 days though. Still, it is only fair since the mattress can be returned for no fees at all. 

Katy Mattress FAQ’s

Yes, we did test the queen size we got on an adjustable base to see how well it does and it worked perfectly fine on it.

Not noticeably but only for the fest 30 minutes or so. Being made in the USA and certified to be healthy means that they use more green materials than your average memory foam mattress.

The Katy mattress is made right here in the USA. However, it is made to order so you’ll wait a good week or so before it’s shipped.

Currently, they do not have any showrooms and deal business online only.

Yes, Katy has 6 and 12 months no interest financing with up to no down payment and up to 0% APR.

Final Verdict

katy mattress reviews

Katy is a real good quality good price mattress that you should consider not only if you are on a budget but also when you need something quality. An eco-friendly, couple friendly mattress that fills the affordable luxury gap. 

If you have any questions, please do ask and we can add it to the frequently asked questions about the mattress. 

Well, here you have it, I hope you found this review helpful and good hunting.

Katy Memory Foam Mattress