Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector

Quick Summary

Shopping for a new mattress protector can be just as big of a hassle as shopping for a new mattress, with just as much of a variety. 

For this Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector that I’m reviewing, I was impressed to see it was voted the best mattress protector of 2020 by SleepFoundation.org. Well, I had to test it for myself to review and see if it’s really as good as it sounds. 

First, it’s made of 100% natural materials, which is beneficial to both the environment and your body. It’s also surprisingly more durable than I had expected it to be, since sometimes more natural products need additional support. 

That doesn’t seem to be the case for this mattress protector. It’s strong and feels like it will last a long time, especially with the offered ten-year warranty. It passed all my tests, with several pros and a few cons.

Pros and Cons of Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector

- Pros:

- Cons:

Who Is The Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector For?

- You’ll Love Sweet Zzz Cooling mattress protector If:

  • You sleep hot. Because of the natural fibers, this protector is both breathable and keeps moisture (like sweat) off your skin, even during summer. 
  • You want to sleep on something natural, whether because you have skin sensitivities or want something more environmentally friendly. 
  • You need extra care to protect your mattress from everyday mishaps. The fact that it’s waterproof will protect your mattress from spills and liquid stains, especially. 
  • You’re a parent to small children. If you have a larger household, this could be the best protector for you since it’s certified as safe for babies and toddlers through OEKO-TEX®. 

- You Might Not Like Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector If:

  • You’re looking for something with more padding. A lot of people prefer to just buy a more padded mattress protector when they need to replace the mattress itself. This protector is thin, meaning it’s not going to add inches of fluff on top of your current mattress. 
  • You need something that protects the entire mattress, not just the top. This protector works great for surface spills, but it won’t zip and cover your entire mattress.

Specifications of Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector

  • The Cover

     First, the cover is made from Tencel, which is created from 100% natural       eucalyptus. Tencel made from the eucalyptus wood is both extremely strong and soft, so you don’t have to worry about general wear and tear. 

It’s made to last, and you don’t have to treat it any more carefully than you do your own mattress. The fact it’s made from eucalyptus not only makes this mattress protector more durable, but it also shows no negative impact on the environment since eucalyptus trees don’t need much water. 

  • The Fill

    Like the cover, the filling inside this mattress protector is also made of natural, green materials. Specifically, the barrier is made of a polyurethane layer that is both eco-friendly and non-toxic. 

The polyurethane is also what makes this mattress protector 100% waterproof. In fact, polyurethane is even used in marine products, so you know this mattress protector will stay dry. 

Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector Quality Rating ​

As a whole, the quality of this mattress protector is better than a lot of other ones that I’ve reviewed. Its features check all the boxes for everything it offers. 

First, the fact that it’s waterproof and not just water-resistant shows just how top-quality it is. It’s also durable, while still feeling soft and comfortable so that you can rest on it without any unnecessary tossing and turning.

 Additionally, if your own quality of sleep is poor because of waking up frequently, that might be from overheating. This mattress protector prevents that and lets you sleep more soundly.

Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector Durability Rating

You might be tempted to think that “man-made” means stronger. However, the natural materials in this mattress protector proves the opposite. As previously mentioned, the Tencel fibers are made from the pulp of sturdy eucalyptus wood. This pulp makes the Tencel much stronger than many synthetic fibers.

Secondly, the non-toxic polyurethane lamination that creates the waterproof barrier between the mattress protector’s cover and the filling is a much safer, greener alternative to vinyl. 

Polyurethane is lightweight yet also strong enough to withstand both machine washing and drying. It’s also more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t create dioxins like vinyl does.

Sweet Zzz Cooling mattress protector Affordability and Value

Most people assume that buying something made of more natural materials means paying at least twice as much. However, the highlight of this mattress protector truly is the fact that it uses the best and most natural materials at the lowest price so you don’t have to settle.

 With this mattress protector, you get Tencel and polyurethane for the price of more common materials. 

This mattress protector offers the greatest value and top quality, at only a fraction of competitors’ prices. This way, the Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector is a luxury the average person can afford, without having to budget for it.

Sweet Zzz Cooling mattress protector Temperature Regulation Rating

If you struggle with waking up sweaty or clammy, regardless of the season, it might be your mattress or sheets. This mattress protector improves your sleep because it wicks moisture away from your body, which is often the reason you might wake up irritable or just uncomfortable. 

However, the Tencel in this mattress protector provides maximum comfort. Because of its hydrophilic fibers, Tencel keeps moisture off your skin and keeps your body feeling cool on even the hottest summer nights. Both the Tencel and the skirt on this mattress protector allow for maximum breathability, so you stay well-rested and dry.

Sweet Zzz Cooling mattress protector Warranty & Return Policy

Another great feature about the Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector besides the product itself is its customer service. This mattress protector offers an unmatched 50-day free return policy and 100% money back guarantee. This way, you don’t have to worry about experiencing buyer’s remorse, because it’s more like just testing and trying the mattress protector out, not actually committing to it until you’re ready.

 The return policy is great for if you accidentally buy the wrong size or realize you need a different kind of mattress protector. To top it off, the ten-year warranty gives you peace of mind for a decade.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector offers you almost anything you could want in a mattress protector. The quality is unmatched, and the price is truly a bargain. With the free shipping, easy return policy, and extended warranty, this mattress protector is one of the more positive ones I’ve reviewed.  

Not only is it great for yourself, but it’s also the perfect addition to an entire family’s sleeping needs and overall well-being. Since it’s safe for children even younger than three, you can rest easy knowing that smaller kids can enjoy and benefit from it without any risks. This way, your whole household can sleep more comfortably.

The fact you can use it without causing any negative effects to the environment is just one more reason why most other brands can’t compare to this mattress protector. In my opinion, the Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector is the most responsible option on the market.

Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector