Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets

Quick Summary

When it comes to sheets, there are only a few companies who can hit all the checkmarks that make a great sheet set. The Sweet Zzz Organic bamboo sheets, however, have done just that.

These sheets are 100% GOTS organic certified, 400 thread count of bamboo viscose, come with a lifetime warranty and 50 days of full money back guarantee, and yet still manage to stay affordable.

Still, did these sheets pass all the testing we go through and are they just good on paper? Or are they really one of the best sheets available today. Let’s get started.

Pros and Cons of Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets

- Pros:

- Cons:

Who Is The Sweet Zzz Organic bamboo sheets For?

- You’ll Love Sweet Zzz bamboo sheets If:

  • You like to sleep on very soft and smooth sheets that are the opposite of flannel sheet.

* You sleep hot and want something to keep you cool at night. Nothing is cooler than bamboo sheets!

* You only buy green products and you are health conscious. This is as green as sheets can be.

* You want sheets that can last for a long time and not used to changing sheets periodically.

- You Might Not Like Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket If:

* You like flannel sheets or sheets that aren’t so smooth.

* you are looking for budget or temporary sheets and don’t care much about quality.

Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets Comfort Rating

Like mentioned before, these sheets are extremely smooth and comfortable. Their secret lies with the organic viscose process. This process basically uses one long fiber to make the sheet and gives it a flat surface rather than a curved one. This causes the feel to be very smooth to the touch. It also increases the longevity of the sheets.

Also, adding chemicals to the build reduces the quality and feel of the bamboo sheets but since these are 100% organic, the luxury feel is left untouched and pure.

Overall, we loved the feel of the Sweet Zzz Bamboo sheets and give it a high rating in comfort.

Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets Temperature Regulation Rating

Personally, I switched from cotton to bamboo sheets because of the cooling effect. Later I found out that this is true for most people. Bamboo sheets are famous for their cooling ability and the best of them use organic bamboo to improve on this even more.

While testing these sheets we enjoyed the cooling factor very much. These sheets stay cool and dry during the entire night and we have never felt too warm sleeping with them.

Overall, we have nothing but praises to say about the Sweet Zzz Bamboo sheets cooling.

Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets Durability Rating

Most bamboo sheets in the market today are at 200 to 250 thread count which is considered pretty durable. However, these bamboo sheets are 400 thread count. In addition to that, they are made of organic bamboo through the viscose process. These features ensure a very long lifespan, especially with good care.

We did wash them twice in as many days and saw that they held up very well.

Overall, the Sweet Zzz bamboo sheets are highly durable. Remember that the company is offering a lifetime warranty on them which stands to show the quality behind them.

Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets Affordability and Value

These sheets come with all the bells and whistles bamboo sheets can have and leave almost no room for improvements other than color options yet still manage to be crazily affordable.

Usually, organic viscous bamboo sheets at 300 TC run you about $200 but these are better and cheaper.

When calculating affordability, you should always look into longevity and with this sheet, you will get very good longevity. This makes the Sweet Zzz bamboo sheets a healthy & lengthy worthwhile investment.

The blanket uses a sewing technology that prevents glass beads from shifting and causing uneven weight distribution. Though weight shifting is common in most weighted blankets in the period we tried this weighted blanket we did see any weight shifting so we double your experience would be different.  

Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets Warranty & Return Policy

Every Sweet Zzz bamboo sheet comes with a 50-day full money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

This gives you ample enough time to test the sheets for yourself and see if you like the bamboo feel if this is your first.

We did test the return policy by return the set we got to and their team was super helpful and easy going. We didn’t pay for the return shipping and they refunded the money very quickly.

Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets FAQ’s

Currently, they have three colors. These are white, blue, and silver. We did ask them to see if they plan on bringing more colors and they said yes. They said they would bring more colors by the end of the year 2020.

We received this question many times so we asked them just that and they replied by saying that they will be bringing a split king in the last quarter of 2020. For those that don’t know, a split king comes with 2 twin xl fitted sheets and 1 king size flat sheet with 2 king pillowcases.

Yes, the fabric bag that the sheets come with is a requirement encase you want to return or exchange them. This is pretty standard though.

Machine wash with organic detergent on cool, gentle cycle. Low or tumble dry. Remove while slightly damp and lay flat to reduce wrinkling. These are luxury sheets so make sure you take good care of them and they will stay silky and comfortable for many years.

If your mattress is 6-inches to 14-inches thick, they should fit nicely. We did try these with a 13-inch mattress and it looked it can go for another couple of inches. The good thing is that the elastic band will always pull the sheets so they stay tight.

Final Verdict

Sweet Zzz has set the bar much higher with their Organic bamboo sheets. Now after trying this 400 TC organic bamboo viscose sheets, it’s hard to go back to average. We definitely and full-heartedly recommend this product.

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