Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow

Quick Summary

When it comes to sustainable and natural bedding, Sweet Zzz is a company that stands out. They have been doing things in a sustainable way longer than most and even before the whole sustainability trend. Well, their plant based pillow is another fine example of how much they care for both customers and the planet.

This is a very comfortable pillow made with Animal-free down alternative fill. Let’s get into the details:


Pros and Cons of Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow

- Pros:

- Cons:

Who Is The Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow For?

- You’ll Love Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow If You Are:

  • – Side and back sleepers that enjoy soft comfortable pillows.
  • – Nature and animal rights conscious buyers that want a 100% natural yet animal-free product.
  • – Those used to feather, down, or down alternative pillows and like to mold them as they wish.
  • – Those who sleep hot and want a cooler pillow that isn’t memory foam or latex.
  • – Children in general as this pillow is certified to have been made without any harmful chemicals and safe for babies and toddlers.

- You Might Not Like Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow If You Are:

  • – Those used to latex and gel memory foam pillows and want solid pillows that don’t need fluffing.

  • – Those looking for a firmer style pillow like dense memory foam, latex, or buckwheat.


Specifications of Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow


  • The Cover

Though you would most likely be using your own pillowcase from your sheets set, it’s important to note that this pillow cover is made of 100% natural cotton offering both additional cooling and comfort.


  • The Fill

This is where the Sweet Zzz pillow differentiates itself from the rest. By using a fill that is a 100% natural plant based down alternative, Sweet Zzz offers a product that is natural yet has no feather allergies or causes animal cruelty.


Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow Quality Rating

Several members of our team tried this pillow, and they all had the same thing to say about it. A very comfortable pillow for side and back sleeping with no cooling issues whatsoever. Also, whenever we felt the pillow is getting flat after much use, we simply fluff it or put it in the dryer, and it’s like new again.

Overall, with great comfort, support, durability, and cooling the Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow scores very high in quality 

Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow Durability Rating

Natural materials will always be better than synthetic materials when it comes to bedding in general and pillows specifically. The Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow is made 100% from natural materials as mentioned before. This automatically makes it more durable than most pillows.

According to our own testing, the Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow stayed like new even after much washing and testing.

Overall, you won’t face a durability issue with this pillow for sure. You either like it and keep it for a long time or return it.


Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow Affordability and Value

Though the Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow seems pricier than most down alternative pillows, remember that it is actually 100% natural in both cover and fill. As a natural pillow, it is actually quite inexpensive making it a very budget-friendly luxury item.

Also, being natural means a longer lifetime of use and so more savings in the long run.

Overall, the Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow has an amazing value. Especially when you factor in the 50-day money-back guarantee trial, free shipping, and 1-year warranty. 

Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow Temperature Regulation Rating

Down alternative pillows, in general, tend to sleep cooler than other types of pillows because of all the available air circulation. However, the Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow is supplementing this with a 100% natural cotton cover and the fact that its plant based. 

As mentioned before, we tested the Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow for ourselves, and we have no complaints about it sleeping hot or causing sweating.

Overall, if you need a cooling pillow and have had issues with sleeping hot before then this pillow will most certainly not disappoint.

Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow Warranty & Return Policy

Despite all the amazing mentioned features above, the Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow actually also offers good peace of mind. With 50 days of money-back guarantee period, you don’t have to commit till you’ve tried the pillow for yourself for more than a month. 

With the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, you sleep better knowing that a reputable company like Sweet Zzz is backing their product and you know that they will stand behind their items with the best service.

Overall, the offers service, trial period, and warranty make the Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow a risk-free no-brainer. 

Final Verdict

Seeing the bedding industry grow with us as we become more and more sustainably conscious, puts a smile on my face. I personally always loved the feather and down pillows of resorts but didn’t like the fact that they harm a lot of animals in the process or the allergies that came with those pillows. I also didn’t like the fact that synthetic down alternative pillows make our future less bright.

To actually get to enjoy a pillow that is sustainable yet as comfortable as a 5-start hotel pillow makes me wonder what’s next! 


Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow