Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket

Quick Summary

It is not every day that you see a product that is truly wonderful yet inexpensive at the same time. The Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket is just that. A wonderful organic weighted blanket without the common issues of the weighted blanket like leakage or lack of breathability but yet priced to be affordable for just about anyone. 

As a company, Sweet Zzz is one of the best green and non-toxic companies in the bedding industry and they followed this trend even in their weighted blanket. Where everyone else settled for synthetic fibers and polyesters, Sweet Zzz made sure their covers are both natural and organic certified.  

Still being organic is not enough to make a product good, is this weighted blanket good in all the things that make an excellent blanket? Well, we tried the blanket for ourselves and thins is what we think.

Pros and Cons of Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket

- Pros:

- Cons:

Who Is The Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket For?

- You’ll Love Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket If:

  • You are 110 to 240 pounds and looking for a great quality weighted blanket. 
  • You want a blanket that can serve in both winter and summer.
  • You have sleep disorders such as insomnia.
  • You suffer from stress and anxiety

- You Might Not Like Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket If:

  • You need a lighter weighted blanket than 15lb.
  • You need a heavier weighted blanket than 20lb.

Layers and Specifications of Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket

Like any good quality weighted blanket the Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket consists of 7 layers. The two sides of the cover, the glass bead and cotton fill and the several fabric layers in the middle to keep the weight of glass beads distributed evenly. 

  • The Cover

For the cover, the Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket uses an organic bamboo cover on the smooth side and an organic cotton cover on the fleecy side. Both feel nice and comfortable.

  • The Fill

The Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket fill is non-toxic glass beads that have no bad odors along with several layers of cotton to keep the glass beads from making noise or from shifting.

Which Blanket Weight Is For You?

The Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket comes in two available weights, the 15lb, and the 20lb. If you weight 110 pounds to 170 pounds, then the 15lb is for you.

If, however, you weight 170lb to 240lb then its best to get the 20lb weighted blanket. 

Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket Quality Rating

From the packaging to the cover to the fill, the Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket is made with great care and love and is one of the best weighted blankets available today. like I said earlier, most companies make their weighted blankets use polyester covers that even if comfortable they feel warm and won’t last as long. Sweet Zzz, on the other hand, uses organically certified materials like cotton and bamboo to keep the quality at much higher than the competition. We tried many weighted blankets to be able to able to give good recommendations and this one is still our number one. 

Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket Durability

I personally tried the blanket for a good three weeks before I had the time to write this review and still it is in good shape with no leakage or quality issues. The blanket is also duvet read which means you can have your own duvet and use it with this weighted blanket.

Just remember that weighted blankets in queen are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, unlike the regular queen blanket that is 90 inches long and wide. 

Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket Affordability and Value

Judging by how good, green and organic the materials used are and how good the companies service and return policy are, the Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket is one heck of a deal. Sweet Zzz uses odorless and hypoallergenic glass beads instead of sand to give the blanket weight.

They use organic covers instead of synthetic ones. With all of that, they also give you a 5-year warranty and 100 days to return it for a full refund. Yet the price is just over $100 which makes this blanket an absolute affordable luxury. 

Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket Weight Distribution Rating

The blanket uses a sewing technology that prevents glass beads from shifting and causing uneven weight distribution. Though weight shifting is common in most weighted blankets in the period we tried this weighted blanket we did see any weight shifting so we double your experience would be different.  

Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket Temperature Regulation Rating

Being double sided with a warm side and a cool side isn’t just a theory. Each side of this weighted blanket feels different and offers different features.

The bamboo side is smooth and silky like with a much cooler sleep surface. It is much better suited for a warm climate or season. The cotton side is fuzzier and fleecier and offers a warmer feel that is better for cooler seasons. 

Both sides of the blanket work wonderfully and we couldn’t give them more praise. 


Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket Warranty & Return Policy

Every Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket comes with a 100-day full money back guarantee and a 5-year warranty. 

They do require you trying the blanket for a week which seems fair since they don’t charge you the return shipping. 


Natures Novel Mattress FAQ’s

Currently, their blanket comes in the queen size which is 60” x 80”

We actually tried that, and they accepted. You simply have to leave that in the order note and the weighted blanket will come with your note in it. I’m sure you can do the same since we ordered as regular customers.

Yes, they clearly say to keep the packaging and the bag to make returns easier. The blanket came in a very specific sized box and its just wiser to keep it in case you need to return or exchange.

Currently, they seem to have the gray color only. We did ask them if they were planning on bringing in more colors, but they said that they might in the future, but I wouldn’t wait, especially since you can just add your own duvet.

Final Verdict

Organic, durable, comfortable and best of all expensive. If you’re looking for a weighted blanket and weight from 110lb to 240lb this weighted blanket could be just what you’re looking for. 

Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket