Quick Overview:

Weighted blankets use a deep pressure touch therapy to release happiness hormones that help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. They combat various sleep problems and are known for their ability to give a restful night’s sleep. They are also suitable for people with autism, depression, mental, and neurotic disorders.

We did our best and tried more than 25 weighted blankets to come up with a list of the best ones.


Best Weighted Blankets 2021

#1 Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Weighted Blanket
(Best Overall)

Best Overall:

The Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket feels the best and priced the best. With so many great features like being organic and double sided we didn’t think twice about picking this weighted blank as our favorite.

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Cotton Napper by Bearaby (Best Luxury)

The Cotton Napper by Bearaby is for those that want a luxury weighted blanket. This blanket comes with a nice organic knitted cotton cover and is has very little maintenance. Overall a great blanket for those that don’t mind the price. 

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Best All Seasons (1 Weighted Blanket + 2 Duvets)

Best All Seasons (3 in 1)

The Katy All season (3 in 1) weighted blanket is a great value as it comes with 2 separate duvets. One duvet is for cooling while the other is for wroth. So instead of buying your duvets separately, you simply get this weighted blanket and change the duvets according to temperature.

We tried both duvets and the differences are both noticeable and practical. You can feel the worth the minky duvet offers and the cooling the smooth cotton duvet offers. All of these features aside the Katy weighted blanket itself is very good quality. It has a 7 layer build with 400 TC natural cotton. The covers are both made of natural cotton and can easily be washed.


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Dubslabs Weighted Blanket (Innovative)

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This blanket felt like it is at the middle of the road when looking for a weighted blanket. It feels much better than other weighted blankets that we tested and choose not to include in the list but not as good as other that are. However, their stitching is unique and very innovative leading to almost guaranteed no leakage of glass beads.

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Nectar Weighted Blanket (Best Sofa Throw)

If you just want to chill of your sofa, this throw size weighted blanket is our best recommendation.

One of the oldest and most respected names in bedding, the Nectar blanket holds its reputation by being both comfortable and quality. We chose this as our sofa throw because of its high industry standards and great quality. 

Also, if you are over 225 pounds and are looking for a blanket but can’t find something that feels heavy you should most certainly consider this one as well. The only problem is that for sleeping it might feel a little too small. 

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Weighted Blanket Buying Guide

Weighted blankets are still very new in the market; it might not be easy to shop for them without research. That’s why this guide aims at equipping you with the right information for shopping for a weighted blanket. In it, we explain what a weighted blanket is, it’s uses, the right size, and weight for you, and what to look for before buying.

What is a weighted blanket? How does it work?

So what is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is a blanket that has been added extra objects to make it heavy. It contains small pockets filled with small objects such as beads, disks, polypropylene plastic pellets, or glass. These objects give the blanket additional weight, which allows it to hug the user.

The outer lining of the blankets can be made of popular materials such as cotton. Cotton provides a duvet feel. Or the linings can be made out of fleece, wool or microfiber.

When choosing a weighted blanket, weight is undoubtedly the primary consideration that you have to make. As important as it is, too much weight on a blanket can damage your body and rob you of a peaceful night’s sleep.

How does it work?

A weighted blanket gives deep pressure touch (DPT) therapy to the sleeper, which is a form of therapy that alleviates anxiety. The pressure increases the release of serotonin hormone, which is our happy neurotransmitter. The serotonin again promotes the release of our sleep hormone (melatonin).

 In essence, this process allows you to get, calm, happy, and sleepy.

Now that we know what a weighted blanket is and how it works let us delve into why you need one and what a weighted blanket is for.

Do You Need a Weighted Blanket? What is a Weighted Blanket for?

Weighted blankets have become a part of most people’s lives. They are more of a routine that many have to follow to relieve stress and experience healthy sleeping habits. These blankets are more of a need than they are a want considering the many benefits that they offer.

Scientists have proven that these blankets are indeed beneficial to people who are autistic, those who experience insomnia, depression, and many other health conditions.

Here are a few reasons why you need a weighted blanket;

#1 You Need a Weighted Blanket if You Have Anxiety and Stress.

Many people count sheep at night. Their worries, stress, and anxiety cannot allow them to have a peaceful night of sleep. Anxiety and stress are the greatest enemies of a good night’s sleep.

Some prefer taking medication to combat the two, while others prefer natural alternatives. For those who prefer natural options, then, weighted blankets are your perfect solutions.

The idea behind weighted blankets is to use weight as a soothing and calming strategy. Occupational therapists use weighted blankets during therapy, such as sensory integration.

Children with autism tend to have emotional turmoil from time to time, and the same goes for grown-ups with anxiety disorders. During an emotional crisis, we all feel the need for a hug to calm us down, and that is precisely what these blankets offer. 

Covering yourself with a weighted blanket gives you that hugging effect that you desperately need, calming your nerves instantly. Simply put, weighted blankets recreate a hug as they emulate that sensation of getting a huge warm hug.

When the anxiety and stress is relieved, you are now able to sleep better and peacefully throughout the night, which benefits your mental and physical health.

The best way to relieve stress, anxiety and improving your sleep without having to take medication is by using weighted blankets.

#2 You Need one if you Have Sleep Disorders

The latest natural treatment method for different sleep disorders is the use of weighted blankets.


Insomnia is one of the most popular sleep disorders affecting millions of people all over the world. Anxiety, depression, weight gain, low productivity, increased stress, and more are but a few of the consequences that people with sleep disorders go through.

The solution is to deal with the root cause in the first place to combat these consequences. While there is medication and different therapies for insomnia, the most long-lasting and inexpensive solution is weighted blankets.

Restless Leg Syndrome

 Restless Leg Syndrome is a disorder that affects the nervous system of your leg. RLS causes the affected person to experience an uncomfortable sensation in their legs and a sudden need to move them. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for Restless Leg Syndrome, and that is where weighted blankets come in.

The only way to deal with RLS is by managing it. Weighted blankets help you manage this condition as they put pressure on the legs relaxing the muscles, making it possible for you to wind down just before bedtime. You can experience a restful night plus many other benefits and still manage this disorder.

#3 You'll Also Need one if you Have Some Health Disorders

Many people suffer in silence with different health disorders. Sensory disorders, ADHD, and autism are such kinds of disorders. Let us look at these disorders and why you need a weighted blanket if you have them.

Sensory Disorder– People with this disorder experience overly stimulated senses. For children with this disorder, small tasks such as regular play can trigger and elevate a sensory overload. They can be triggered when people talk, when bright lights are on, when the shirt fits too tight, causing an overload. Weighted blankets give the child proprioceptive sensory input, which helps calm the fight or flight response. By so doing, the child can naturally calm or soothe down during or maybe before a meltdown.

ADHD– Weighted blankets help people with ADHD sleep. They help release serotonin and melatonin, which helps one calm down, relax, and get some sleep.

Autism– These blankets help a child with autism by reducing stress and improving their mood. During a meltdown, blankets soothe children by releasing happy hormones serotonin and melatonin. This way the child can focus and sleep throughout the night. 

What is The Right Blanket Weight and Size for You?

The weight of a blanket plays a considerable role in the kind of sleep that you will get. A hefty blanket could mean discomfort, excessive heat, and, eventually, no rest. The size also matters as you do not want to cover yourself in a blanket that does not fit your body size.

When it comes to weighted blankets, there are many factors at play when choosing the right blanket weight and size. One of those factors is your body weight.

A percentage of 8 to 12% of your body weight is what experts recommend to avoid burdening your body, causing stress eventually. The reason behind this science is that your body will not carry excessive weight.

When the body carries much more weight than needed, your stress levels skyrocket, which is what we are trying to eradicate by using weighted blankets in the first place.

If you weigh about 150 pounds, then a blanket that weighs 15pounds could suffice. 

It is important to note that a throw size blanket weighing 15lbs feels heavier than a queen-size blanket of the same weight. The distribution of weight also matters as a larger surface means more distribution.

The most common blanket size is the queen size because the throw is too small while the king is too big and bulky. Remember that the average sizes of a queen weighted blanket are 60″ x 80” while a regular queen blanket is 90″ x 90″. These sizes are a significant factor to put into consideration because a regular queen duvet measuring 90″ x 90″ won’t fit a weighted queen blanket.

This assumption is one common mistake that most people make, as some say that the queen is just queen. It is wise to take measurements before buying these blankets or at least test them out.

How to Determine the Quality of a Weighted Blanket before Buying

The question of quality is far from people’s minds when it comes to buying a weighted blanket. Most assume that the only factor to consider is the weight and that’s it. However, many other factors should help you determine the quality of a weighted blanket before buying one. Let us look at some of them.

#1 Cover Materials Used

Weighted blankets come in different fabrics, flannel, polyester, fleece, velvet, and cotton are some of these fabrics. Just as with the size of the blanket, the fabric is also a matter of preference.

However, there are a few things that you should look out for when it comes to the cover material. For instance, some people are cold-natured and prefer to sleep in heavy and hot blankets. For such, the best material to go for is flannel or fleece as they hold heat very well; keeping your body warm throughout the night.

#2 Fill Materials Used

The most common fill materials used are glass beads, plastic pellets, and steel balls. Glass beads weigh the same as grains of sand, but at times, could even be smaller. They are also slightly heavier than plastic pellets.

Since glass beads are smaller, they do not take up too much space in the blanket, and this makes the blanket appear more modest and flatter. Plastic pellets, however, make the blanket seem a little bulky.

Nonetheless, there isn’t an obvious winner. The only difference would be that some companies opt to use plastic pellets since they are cheaper than glass beads. Different companies also add polyester fiberfill as a comforter, which adds warmth, but it is best to do without the fill as it promotes excess heat.

#3 Breathability

The main issue that affects the breathability is the cover material used and the thread count. Of course, fabrics like cotton are very breathable and still very warm.

However, you can opt to choose different blankets depending on the climate of your area of residence. For instance, if you live in an area that does not experience much change in temperature, then you can go for cotton, which is breathable and thermoregulating.

Your other option is to get two different blankets with different breathable materials, one that is good for cooling for the hot seasons and another warm one like flannel for the cold seasons.

#4 Value

Even though weighted blankets are a bit pricier than typical blankets, they should be considered more of an investment since they will last you years. One of the many benefits of these blankets, Deep pressure Therapy (DPT) outweighs the cost and discomfort that is caused by insomnia on so many levels.

Lack of sleep leads to so many medical conditions such as hypertension, heart diseases, depression, and more. All these conditions need to be treated and will undoubtedly cost you more than the price of a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket will not only protect you from such situations but also free you from stress.

#5 Reviews

Most weighted blankets are available online and many people tend to give reviews. If you see a pattern forming with the given reviews, then you can trust the information it relays.

However, if you come across mixed reactions in people’s reviews, it would be best to avoid the blanket. Remember that buying a weighted blanket is a long-term investment and not like buying a perishable good.

Always go through reviews one by one, you can even follow up with a call to the reviewer if they are willing to give opinions verbally.

#6 Noise and Bad Odors

As with every other blanket, the noise and odor of weighted blankets depend on the materials used. For example, we perfectly know that synthetic material produces a lot of noise and can, at times, be very smelly.

Most of us prefer a quiet night of sleep with minimal distractions, and the right blanket material will give you exactly that.

Choosing the right weighted blanket is best done physically rather than buying online so that you can factor such things as noise and bad odors. However, online stores that offer a trial period are better than the physical stores, for then you can wait for the smell to dissipate and find out whether the blanket is really a good fit.

#7 Maintenance

Different fabrics come with manufactures’ wash instructions. When it comes to cleaning and caring for your weighted blanket, always be keen on those instructions as they will guide you for the most part.

While caring for these blankets may seem like an uphill task, they barely ask for much. Wash separately without any bleaching product and hung dry or tumble dry on low.

However, the care and maintenance of a particular blanket depends on the materials used. Some materials are not to be washed using a washing machine. In such a case, the only option is to ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can never go wrong with these.

What Does The Weighted Blanket Company Need to Have Before You Buy From Them?

There are a few things that will tell you outright whether a company is worth buying from or not. Such as the company’s return policy, weighted blanket warranty, overall company reputation online, and if the company gives back.

#1 The Company's Return Policy

Most companies give a return policy of a certain number of days. A company that takes pride and has faith in its products will always give you a good return policy.

It is possible to find return policies of 14 days on the lower side and 30 days on the maximum. A good company gives a return policy of 30 days. A longer return policy gives you enough time to really test the product and find out if it’s a good fit for you. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, well it takes similarly long to truly adjust to a new blanket.


#2 Weighted Blanket Warranty

A weighted blanket is a long term investment, as said earlier. A company that deals with such an investment should undoubtedly offer a good warranty.

You cannot expect quality products from sub-par manufactures. One way of knowing whether you are dealing with such a manufacturer is by looking at the warranty they give.

A good warranty will go for years; this way, you are sure of the fact that in case your blanket fails to perform as promised, becomes faulty or damages prematurely, you can easily replace it with another one.

#3 Overall Company Reputation Online

Most people give reviews online after purchasing a product. One way to judge a company and its products is by checking their online presence and the reviews they get.

A company with a good number of positive reviews is worth a try. However, the best way to know whether for sure a company is good is by doing your research.

Take time to go through the reviews, not only the positive ones but the negative ones also. Remember that what suits you might not suit the other person, so it’s best not to assume after reading one bad review.

#4 Do they give back?

Consumerism is a problem the world has started to grapple with lately. We humans are known to take too much and give back little to nothing.

This is hurting our environment and companies manufacturing consumer goods are in the fore front of taking too much from the environment. A good company realizes this and uses green process while still giving back to the environment and society at large. This are the companies worth buying from.

Final Verdict

Weighted blankets have grown in popularity now more than ever. They offer fantastic health benefits that outweigh those provided by a regular blanket.

We have learned that they help with anxiety and stress, sleep and health disorders, and so much more. Some of the considerations to be made when buying weighted blankets are their uses and how they work, summing everything up to the need.

Buy a blanket for the specific reason why you need it. You should also consider the right weight and size of the blanket. How you can determine the quality of your weighted blanket before buying is another consideration to make for example, the cover materials, value, breathability, and more.

Finally, consider checking what the company should have for them to be suitable sellers of these blankets.

Putting in mind a weighted blanket is a health investment, it is essential to put into consideration all of the above. This guide will not only help you buy a weighted blanket but also aid in making a wise investment. Weighted blankets are certainly your sleep solution.