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What are latex pillows good for? How do they feel? Are latex pillows safe? and what is the best latex pillow? These are some of the most frequently asked questions about latex pillows. You might have asked yourself one or two of these questions as well.

To answer all these questions, this guide looks at the benefits of latex pillows, its features, and what to look for when buying a latex pillow. 

We also put all of that research to use by creating a list of the best latex pillows for you for a faster research. 

First lets start with the list of the best latex pillows. 

Saatva Pillow

Best Overal

OMI Dunlop Latex Pillow

Solid Dunlop 

Savvyrest Latex Pillow

Solid Talalay

Best Overall

Saatva Latex Pillow

Another great brand in beddings, the Saatva company offers many amazing green products and one of these is their shredded Talalay latex pillow. Talalay latex though more expensive than Dunlop and less natural offers a spongier feel and comfort. There are very few shredded Talalay latex pillows out there and the best one based on our opinion and testing is the Saatva shredded Talalay latex pillow.

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#2 Solid Dunlop

OMI Dunlop Latex Pillow

Solid Dunlop 

There are many solid Dunlop latex pillows out there but the best one we tested was this one by OMI. It supports your natural curves and provide a good support to your neck and shoulders. It is also another completely green product with many certifications to prove it. 


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#3 Solid Talalay

Savvy Rest Talalay Latex Pillow

Solid Talalay

Talalay latex is a little different than regular Dunlop latex. It is a little less natural as it has other components in addition to rubber, water, and air but it can feel more comfortable for some and more spongy.

When testing the different Talalay latex pillows available we decided to pick the Savvy Rest as the best Talalay latex pillow.


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Latex Pillows Buying Guide 2021

What is a latex pillow?

Though not as common as memory foam or down pillows, latex pillows are on the rise. These pillows are growing in popularity for their soft, bouncy, and supportive nature. Just like other latex products, natural latex pillows are derived from the sap of rubber trees. This, however, is not to mean that all latex materials out there are natural. There are three types of latex pillows, natural, synthetic, and blended latex pillows. 

Natural latex pillows:

Natural latex pillows are made purely from the sap of rubber trees without the addition of harmful chemicals. 

Synthetic latex pillows:

Synthetic latex pillows are made from a petrochemical known as Styrene-Butadiene Rubber which mimics natural latex.

Blended latex:

Blended latex is the most common type of latex pillow in the market. It’s a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. It takes advantage of the benefits of both natural and synthetic latex.

Besides this, latex pillows also differ in the production method. There are two types of methods used to produce latex pillows: Talalay and Dunlop.

Dunlop Latex Pillows:

Dunlop Latex Pillows Dunlop is the original method of producing latex. It involves collecting sap from rubber trees, frothing the sap, pouring it into a mold, baking it, washing it, and drying the resultant foam. It’s the most natural method of producing latex. It’s environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. However, during frothing sediments tend to collect at the bottom. Thus making Dunlop latex heavy-bottomed. Due to its manufacturing method, Dunlop is also much denser and quite heavy when used in a pillow

Talalay Latex Pillows:

Talalay latex is similarly processed, the only difference is that once the sap is frothed, the mixture is poured halfway into the mold. A vacuum is then applied to expand the other half. The resultant mixture is frozen to create cell consistency, baked, washed, and then dried. Because of the vacuum and flash freezing process, this method produces much softer latex that is airier and fluffier. This makes Talalay latex the preferred type of latex for pillows. It is softer, fluffier, bouncier, and sleeps cooler.

Why Should You Consider Latex Pillows?

Latex pillow’s natural nature comes with plenty of benefits. Superior support, antiallergenic, and durability are a few of these benefits. In this section, we discuss Latex’s benefits and importance.

#1 Great Contouring and Neck Support

ust like memory foam, latex pillows contour to your head, neck, and shoulders to give you a comfortable resting position. 

Latex’s bouncy nature and resilience keep your pillow from bottoming out, providing the right amount of support. This is essential in promoting proper spinal alignment. 

Latex’s springy nature allows you to sleep on the surface of the pillow instead of sinking in as with other pillow types. This is great for relieving pressure pain points, making it a great option for people who suffer from neck and back pains.

#2 Healthy, Natural, and eco-friendly

If you are looking for a green pillow option, then look no further. Natural latex is one of the healthiest pillow choices that you can make. Latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees, which makes it a natural product.

It is also environmentally friendly. Collecting sap from rubber trees doesn’t harm the trees at all. Rubber trees are sustainable and live upwards of 25 years with a constant flow of sap. The trees help absorb most of the Carbon dioxide in the air and produce oxygen.

In the end, natural latex can easily be recycled and is biodegradable that means it doesn’t end up like a landfill.

#3 Cool and Breathable

Latex pillows are naturally cooler than other types of pillows such as memory foam, polyester, and down alternative. Since latex is derived from a plant, it features a natural open-cell structure. This makes latex pillows highly breathable, allowing a free flow of air, that helps keep you cool at night. Besides this, Latex pillows often feature pinhole patterns that allow for more airflow. A shredded latex pillow will even sleep cooler due to increased aeration. 

Another important cooling factor is that latex pillows enable you to sleep on the surface instead of sinking into the pillow. Sinking into pillows creates an air pocket around your head that often traps heat.

#4 Helps With Allergies

Sleep is one of the most important factors for your health. Allergies can get in the way of a restful night’s sleep. Luckily, latex is hypoallergenic. The sap derived from rubber trees is a natural insect repellant. This property is usually transferred to the finished pillow. It helps keep dust mites, mold, and other allergens away from you as you sleep. Keeping your sleep environment clean and healthy for a proper night’s rest.

#5 Long Lasting

Latex is very dense and strong in nature. It has a strong cell structure which according to the method of production can be thicker and more resilient. Because rubber is bouncy in nature, latex is very responsive. It springs back to its original shape once the pressure is removed from it. All these factors make latex more durable than other pillow types.  

Dunlop which is denser than Talalay (Dunlop contains more latex content) can last an upwards of 15 years while Talalay lasts up to 7 years with proper care. Latex’s ability to bounce back to its original position prevents tear and breaking caused by compression. 

#6 Good For Side Sleeping

Latex pillows are the best choice for side sleepers in a couple of ways. A latex’s pillow responsiveness helps side sleepers to sleep on a consistent loft. This is crucial for proper spine alignment. 

Other pillows tend to bottom out as we sleep on them, creating a need to constantly fluff and mold them to the desired shape and loft. This can disrupt our sleep a great deal. With a solid latex pillow, fluffing and molding are not necessary. It will maintain a consistent shape and loft all night.

Because latex pillows are denser, they also come at higher lofts, which are recommended for side sleepers. Latex’s ability to bounce back to its original position once the pressure is withdrawn makes it a strong supportive material to lie on. It is this factor that helps side sleepers sleep in a proper posture and reduce neck and back pains. 

#7 Good for Heavier People

A general rule of bedding material is that the more pressure applied, the greater the compression. Heavier people will often lack the support needed for proper rest if they sleep on low-density materials. Latex is dense and strong in nature, which makes it the perfect material for a heavy person’s pillow.

Latex is also one of the most if not the most supportive pillow material. The heavier one is the more support they need from their pillow. Latex’s responsive nature ensures that the head, neck, and shoulder are supported on the surface of the pillow. This minimizes the chances of sinking in, which can cause the neck to bend awkwardly thus leading to neck and back pains.

Latex pillows are also a good investment for heavier people since they won’t wear and tear as quickly as pillows made from materials like down, memory foam, or fiber.

#8 Completely Noiseless

Much like memory foam, latex pillows are also quiet. They are good at motion isolation resulting in quiet peaceful sleep. If you are sensitive to noise while sleeping, you will find a latex pillow a good companion that stays silent and doesn’t disrupt your sleep.

#9 Little To No Maintenance

Latex pillows are also easy to maintain. They generally retain their shape and don’t need to be shaken or fluffed. They are easy to clean as well. The best way to clean a latex pillow is to sponge it with warm water and gentle detergent, then dry it using towels and lay it flat in a sunny area to dry. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Latex pillows can easily break if thrown into the washing machine.

Questions To Ask Before Buying Your Latex Pillow?

Since latex pillows are on high demand, the market is saturated with good and bad quality latex pillows. So, how do you tell the wheat from the chaff? That’s what we look at in this section. 

Below we list several factors you should look out for when choosing the best latex pillow.

1- Is The Pillow Adjustable?

The reason we buy pillows is to get a comfortable night’s rest. So, what is the use of an uncomfortable pillow? None, right? That’s why it’s important to find just the right size and loft for your ideal pillow.

One way to ensure that your pillow is just right is to adjust its fill. That’s why it’s important to check whether the pillow you intend to buy is adjustable. Shredded latex pillows that come in a zipped case are easily customizable. They help you find the right loft by allowing you to remove excess filling or add some more. Some solid latex pillows also come in different layers. Using the zip on the cover, you can remove a layer to adjust your pillow.

2- Is The Latex Fill Natural Or Synthetic?

As mentioned earlier, latex pillows can either be natural or synthetic. While both types have their advantages, Natural latex’s benefits outweigh synthetic latex. 

Natural latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees. It takes the output of many trees to produce a single latex product. That’s why natural latex is so expensive. To make cheaper latex products, manufacturers use synthetic latex which is similar to natural latex but without the health and durability benefits. Generally, synthetic latex main benefit is that it’s pocket-friendly.

On the other hand, natural latex is antimicrobial in nature, it’s bouncier and stronger making it a good support material. Natural latex also tends to last longer and is eco-friendly. 

In recent research, substances made from petrochemicals such as synthetic latex have been found to pollute our home’s indoor air. If you don’t want to sleep in a cesspool of toxic chemicals, then natural latex is your best option.

3- How Firm Is the Pillow?

Latex pillows come in several firmness levels. Generally, firmness is measured on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 represents the softest feel and 10 represents the firmest feel. The firmer the pillow the less sink is available and vice versa. 

Depending on your sleeping style, a firm or soft latex pillow is recommended.

Side sleepers are advised to use firm or medium-firm latex pillows. Medium-firm to firm latex pillows have little to no give. This provides consistent support throughout the night.

Heavier people should also consider firmer latex pillows. Firm latex pillows will not bottom out despite the weight placed upon them.

Back sleepers are also advised to consider a medium-firm but low loft latex pillow. This kind of pillow will support the head and prevent it from sinking in, which can bend the spine.

Lighter people and stomach sleepers should opt for the softest latex feel. The softer the latex, the better the contouring. 

Please note, it’s easy to determine the firmness of a solid piece of latex pillow. Shredded latex pillows, on the other hand, don’t have firmness ratings. If they have a removable cover, you can customize the firmness level by adding or removing shredded latex.

4- What Is The Height Of The Pillow?

The height or loft of a latex pillow will be dependent on several factors, such as:

Sleep position:

Your sleeping style determines the pillow height you should opt for. Stomach sleepers are best suited for a low loft pillow. While back sleepers are best suited for a medium height/loft pillow. This type of pillow helps support the head and prevent it from sinking in and bending awkwardly. The latter can cause neck and back problems. 

On the other hand, side sleepers are best suited for high loft pillows. The distance between your head and edge of your shoulder blade will determine your pillow’s height. Since that’s usually a wider gap, loftier pillows are recommended for side sleepers. This will help keep your spine aligned.


The greater the weight placed on a latex pillow, the greater the compression. As such, heavier people need a higher pillow to ensure proper support and prevent them from sinking in too much into the pillow.

Lighter people, on the other hand, are better suited to low loft pillows. This way they won’t wake up with stiff necks. A loftier pillow will not contour properly to a lighter weight, thus eliminating the benefits of pressure point relief.

5- What Is The Pillow Cover?

Another factor to consider when purchasing a latex pillow is what the cover is made of. There are different types of pillow covers. Some pillows feature natural plant-based covers while others feature synthetic covers. 

If you care to sleep cool and green, a natural cover such as cotton or bamboo will work best. If you can find an organic cover then it’s even better. Organic covers are farmed, harvested and manufactured without the use of chemicals.

Synthetic covers are made from petrochemicals, they pollute the air in your house and are also known to trap heat. The only advantage of a synthetic cover is that they are cheaper options.

6- What Is The Pillow Size That You Need?

Latex pillows come in a variety of sizes. The standard size which measures 20 x 26 inches is the most popular. These types of pillows fit a wide range of people well. Unless you have wide shoulders or tend to toss and turn at night, standard size pillows are sufficient.

Queen-size pillows are great for larger beds like queen beds. They measure 20 x 30 inches and are usually readily available. It’s also easy to find their accessories. 

King size latex pillows are not as common as queen and standard pillows. They measure 20 x 36 inches and are best suited for king size beds. They are great for couples, and people who toss and turn at night. These size pillows can also be used for decorative purposes as well as functional purposes. They help you sit upright in bed.

7- What Do People Say About The Pillow?

When picking out a pillow, any type of pillow for that matter. It’s prudent to look at what previous customers have to say about it. If you notice a pattern in the reviews, then you can rest assured that’s how the pillow will perform. 

A pattern of positive review should give you a go-ahead that you can trust you the pillow you are purchasing and its manufacturer.

8- What Is The Pillow Return Policy?

Most walk-in stores label pillows as personal items that fall in the category of no returns or refunds. However, some good online bedding companies give their customers a risk-free trial period. This can last anywhere from 7 to 30 days. 

Trial periods give you peace of mind that in case you don’t absolutely like your pillow, you can return it. When buying a latex pillow, be on the lookout for companies that give a risk-free trial period. A risk-free trial period means you won’t be charged to return the pillow, no restocking fees or shipping fees included.                        

9- How Long Is The Pillow Warranty For? What Does It Cover?

Most pillow manufacturers offer a 3 to 10-year pillow warranty with big brand names offering a maximum of a 5-year warranty. A pillow warranty basically covers faulty workmanship e.g. seams and stitches coming undone within the warranty period. They also cover structural defects like change in shape, cracking or splitting of the pillow under normal use and proper care, within the given warranty period.

Look for a company that issues a warranty for the latex pillow you want to purchase. If you can’t find this information on a pillow you want to buy, ask customer service or sales personnel.

Final Verdict

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Using this guide, you can pick out the best latex pillow for your needs.

From it, you can confidently discern between the different factors to consider when buying a latex pillow. You are also able to tell the benefit of each factor.

Your decision to choose a latex pillow is a great one given its many benefits like the fact that it offers superior support, is cool to sleep on, and extremely durable. Remember that not all latex is natural latex. Check pillow tags to find out what is in the pillow.

An organic or natural latex pillow will bear a GOLS certification. Be wary of terms like 100% natural latex, the highest amount of latex any pillow can contain is 95%. 

That’s all from us here, until next time, happy shopping.