The time is now. Your mattress is lumpy, your back aches and you wake up feeling groggy and sore all over. You’ve had your mattress for far longer than you care to think about.

You know in your gut that the time has finally arrived to purchase a new mattress, and soon, otherwise you’re going to hear it from your strained body parts. You know you can possibly afford a new mattress and have set more or less of a budget that you’re determined to stick to, no matter what.

But even as you gather your things to head out and shop, you know that you’ll likely struggle to find a good bargain on a bed. You know what you want, more or less, but are you confident it’s the right time to buy?

If so, how do you know for sure? And if not, why not? Don’t worry. We’re going to go over all the possible points you’ll want to know while hunting for a new mattress, such as what time to go and buy one. It’s more involved than you might think, so prepare to dive right in.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mattress

People spend roughly one-third of their lives asleep. This means that a mattress is more than just a comfy place to stretch out on at night; it’s an investment for roughly one-sixth of your life. Your preference in mattress types is entirely up to you. What we’re going to assist you with today is the perfect time to go bed-hunting. 

Different stores have different deals and bargains at different times of the year and sometimes it can vary wildly. The best time to buy a mattress isn’t really a statement with a clear-cut answer. But the general rule of thumb is to pay attention to a few different factors:

  • Late winter
  • Early spring
  • All year

You may have already noticed that some stores seem to never go a day when a mattress or two isn’t on sale. So depending on which store you decide to grace with your presence, what seems like a stinker deal in one location turns into a massive bargain at another.

Late Winter/Early Spring

Most of the best deals you’ll find will crop up around holidays. The best time to buy a mattress usually falls around any of the holidays that occur at these times of the year.

Labor Day tends to be a big one in some areas. But the best times to buy mattresses are usually around late winter and early spring in March or April. At these times new models are going to be hitting the showroom floors and they have to get rid of old models.

Shoppers have the option of choosing an older model of the mattress or a floor model that was used for displays. These options often come with considerably lower prices. The older ones have to eventually be removed anyway so why not get a deal out of it?

Price Expectations

While it depends on the retailer and the model of mattress, you could honestly get as much as half off the normal price if you buy an older mattress or a floor model.

You can skirt around the zigzagging through the store for the best markdowns by asking the manager for the forecast of sales coming up with the new arrivals due to be delivered. The timing varies by location and region.

However, by finding out precisely when the inventory is turning over, you can pinpoint the best day to snag a good deal. It’s best to keep in mind, however, that floor models have been tested by customers other than you.

Holiday Bargains

Many experts agree that the best time to buy a mattress is at or around holiday time. Which ones? The big ones tend to be Presidents Day, Memorial Day (oddly enough) Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Black Friday, of course.

The reason these are recommended shopping days for mattresses is that markdowns are most common right then. Stores are preparing for the influx of holiday shopping, as well as new inventory, so they see it as a potential goldmine in prepping for the new arrivals at the same time. 

Customers will be out in droves around this time of year looking for the best bargains, so now is the time to strategically lower the prices to lure in potential clients.

Customers aren’t stupid; they usually know just what they want and how to get it. If they think a deal is good enough to pay attention to, then the sales pitch likely worked perfectly.

Price Expectations

It’s surmised that most shoppers can expect a discount anywhere from 10-20% lower than normal during usual promotions.

The competition will be high, but the prices will be worth the somewhat heavier hassle. With more people flooding to the different retailers, customers can expect more of a crowd in anticipation of a better bargain for a new bed.

All Year Long, Dusk till Dawn

Most people typically buy a new mattress after about 7-10 years of wear and tear.

While the time is subjective, especially depending on how the mattress was used and cared for and what sorts of people slept on it, the consensus is usually the same; a mattress pretty much reaches the end of its life after about ten years and must be replaced. 

Of all factors, your body is often the most accurate and “noisy”. If your mattress isn’t supportive anymore, your body will find some way of letting you know. Aching neck, aching back, grogginess, etc.

Pain in a crucial area of your body such as your spine, which should be well supported for optimal alignment, is usually a clear indication of encroaching shopping periods.

Money-Saving Tips

You’ll want to keep a few factors in mind when shopping for a new mattress. This way you can save as much time and money as you will effort.

1. Online Shopping:

Bear Mattress, Snuz, and Lull are all online retailers who ship out their mattresses in compact containers, taking advantage of the competitive nature of online markets. Not only does this provide a potentially good bargain for you, but it also sets down the option of leverage at retail stores.

2.Testing, 1, 2, 3:

You might be surprised at how many retailers offer a trial period for their mattresses before buying. You often get a pretty generous window of test time, too, usually around 100 to 120 nights. If you aren’t satisfied with it, you can get a refund for your money without a hassle. This is insanely helpful if you shop online where you can’t test the product before buying it.


You may not even realize that haggling is something you can do—well, sort of. The retailer might be willing to come down on the price since many mattresses are sold on commission and the seller just wants to get it gone. But if you aren’t able to do this, you might be able to negotiate a freebie thrown in with your mattress, like a pillow or even a mattress cover.


Depending on the price of the mattress, you might find that half off is actually worse than ten percent off. If the mattress was more expensive than another one, half off may only bring it down to the full price of a less expensive mattress. This is why it’s important to pay close attention to the prices themselves, rather than the percentage of the supposed bargain going on.

Online Vs. In-Store

So you’re probably wondering which avenue is the best step toward finding the best bed of your dreams-to-be. Both have their good points, but lets’ examine them, shall we?


  • Competitive pricing
  • Enormous variety
  • Trial runs
  • Easily located deals


  • Competitive pricing
  • Selection dependent on the season
  • Deals dependent on the season
  • Negotiation

Both venues have their good points and bad regarding the sale of mattresses and honestly, it sort of boils down to your personal preference.

  • Do you like to see and feel the product in front of you and get a better idea of it before you buy it?
  • Or do you like to shop fast, find what you like and buy before moving onto the next big idea? Do you like to trial run or just wing it?
  • Talk to a salesperson or to no one?
  • Haggle or deal shop?
  • Again, mattress shopping is an investment, so whichever method you choose, be certain it’s the correct avenue for you.


When is the best time to buy a mattress? No matter the time of year, mattresses are going to be on sale somewhere. If you're dead set on having a new one, it's ever more important to shop smarter, not harder.

Pay attention to where the sales are and compare your options. With a mattress being such an important investment, you never want to settle.